Momentous day

On the 22nd July 2015, I published five books on Amazon under my real name, Joy Mutter. I started writing my first book, ‘A Slice of the Seventies’ in 2007. It is the first, mainly autobiographical book in ‘The Mug Trilogy’ with ‘The Lying Scotsman’ and ‘Straws’ forming books two and three. I then wrote a fiction book, ‘Potholes and Magic Carpets’ followed by a non-fiction book, ‘Living with Postcards.’ By the end of 2015, I aim to publish a sixth book, which is a thriller with a fantasy twist.

Update: I published my sixth book well before the end of 2015 and now working on books seven and eight. It might seem that I publish my books at an alarming rate. I edit my books at least four times and they are all full-length books each well over 100 pages in length. writing for at least seven hours every day including weekends means that much is accomplished. Nobody has yet commented on any errors, so the quality of writing can hold its own amongst most of the rest of the books on offer, in my modest opinion.

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