The audio book edition of Her demonic Angel is now available

I am so excited to have just received an email from ACX telling me that my AUDIO BOOK edition of Her demonic Angel has just gone live on Amazon and will soon also be available on iTunes! It’s free if you’re an Audible member apparently. I don’t know yet what the iTunes price will be. I narrated the whole book myself and also produced the cover. My thirteen short stories are written in different genres. Her demonic Angel is also available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.

I am thrilled that producing the audio book unexpectedly all went through without a hitch because it is my first venture into making an audio book from scratch. If you ever buy one, I’d really love to know what you think about it. A review would be very much appreciated.

I definitely will be producing more of my own audio books in future, whether anyone buys a copy of Her demonic Angel audio book or not. It has been a ton of hard work but well worth the effort because now I can read you all a bedtime story! Link to my audio book Her demonic Angel on Amazon

Audiobook cover plus text Her demonic Angel

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