What a giveaway!

I must be feeling generous. I recently seem to be giving away books left right and centre. My first Goodreads Giveaway promotion has been running over the past couple of weeks – five copies of the paperback edition of my contemporary thriller with a fantasy twist, Random Bullets. The promotion ends on April 30th, when Goodreads will inform me to whom I will be sending the five free paperback copies. I will probably be entering all of my other books into Goodreads Giveaway promotions at some point.

I am also giving away FREE copies of the Kindle edition of my collection of short stories, Her demonic Angel over this weekend, 16th and 17th April.

On my Facebook Joy Mutter’s Books page, I have been giving away promotional codes to the first person who comments on my post. The winner can then use the code to claim a free audio book of Her demonic Angel from Audible.co.uk. worth £16. Not to be sniffed at! So far, I have only given away one promo code but I have plenty more to give away. I will run promo code giveaways for free audio books of Her demonic Angel when the mood takes me.

I am itching to step up the promotion of my book Potholes and Magic Carpets but I am reluctant to do that whilst Amazon is dragging its heels changing its BIC classification from Fiction/Erotica to Fiction/General. There is no erotic content in this book or any of my other books to speak of since I published revised editions of Potholes and Magic Carpets, Random Bullets and The Lying Scotsman a month or so ago. I asked Createspace support team to change the classification over a month ago, but it still has not been done. I have told them that it urgently needs to be done because anybody buying the book expecting it to be erotica will be sadly disappointed, which would reflect badly on me and on Amazon. I am perfectly willing to delete Potholes and Magic Carpets from Createspace and Amazon and republish it under a new BIC classification if that is the only way that I can remedy this unfortunate situation. However,  Createspace support keeps telling me that they are dealing with the matter and that I should be being told soon that the problem has been solved. I have been told that for over a month. Meanwhile, I cannot promote Potholes and Magic Carpets at all, because I do not want to misrepresent it. Hopefully they will soon tell me some better news and I can start marketing the book properly.

I am halfway through narrating, recording and sound editing my second audio book, The Hostile, even though I have not as yet published the paperback and Kindle editions. The Hostile is my eighth book and is another thriller with a fantasy twist although nothing like Random Bullets. The book is written and edited, but I am finding that reading it out loud as an audio book is showing me further ways to improve it. I will probably always record the audio book before the printed editions in future.

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