My Goodreads Giveaway of 5 free paperback editions of Random Bullets ended yesterday

Random Bullets book coverI have just sent the five paperback copies of Random Bullets off to the five lucky winners. It was the first Goodreads Giveaway that I have ever attempted and it remains to be seen if it will affect book sales. Nearly six hundred people entered the draw, which was encouraging, and also resulted in about a hundred people adding it to their ‘to read’ list on Goodreads. This is far more than have added any of my other books to their ‘to read’ list. If you aren’t on Goodreads, you probably don’t have a clue what I am talking about, but I shall carry on regardless.

I had allowed Americans and Canadians as well as Brits to enter the draw, and naturally it was all Americans who won a copy of Random Bullets. This meant that my ploy to have free postage with my Amazon Prime membership went out of the window, as I had to not only pay Amazon for the paperback but also for the postage to America, but hopefully the extra expense will be worth it. You live and learn, well, I try to anyway, ha!

I think my next Goodreads Giveaway will be exclusively for British entrants, but I will probably relent at the last minute and include Americans and Canadians as well. Many of my most supportive online friends are American, so it’s only fair that I don’t exclude them. I’m such a giver ha! I have probably given away almost as many books as I have sold, but that’s fine by me … sort of.

Her_demonic_Angel_Cover paperbackI am just about to trot off to Goodreads Giveaways to give away 5 free paperback copies of Her demonic Angel, my collection of short stories. This practice of entering my books on Goodreads Giveaways might turn out to be addictive. I hope that I don’t bankrupt myself!

Memory jogger

The kindle edition of my new thriller, The Hostile, is free on Amazon today, 1st May and also tomorrow, 2nd May. Grab yourself a bargain! Link to the Kindle edition of The Hostile on Amazon

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