Dipping a toe into Facebook advertising waters

IMG_0690I thought that I ought to pay some attention to my non-fiction book, Living with Postcards. With a mixture of hope and desperation, I have just placed a small advert promoting my Living with Postcards Facebook page on Facebook. It will run for 7 days from today. Please let me know if any of you see it lurking in the sponsored panel down the side of your page. I’m very interested to see how effective the advert will be. My recent Facebook advert for my Joy Mutter’s Books page gained thousands of views but zero sales. The same might happen with my Living with Postcards sales. Who knows?
Thankfully, a number of readers are taking up my free kindles whenever I offer them, which I do with annoying regularity. I hope that I will eventually receive some mind-blowing reviews after people have read the free kindles or the free paperbacks offered on my Goodreads Giveaways. It is naturally not obligatory for anyone to write reviews, good or bad, but hopefully a few people might spare the time and effort. Life will become frustrating without ratings and reviews, although I am eternally grateful for the wonderfully encouraging ones that I have already received.
As someone very close to me said recently, ‘Joy, people are too busy these days to bother with buying and reading books’. She could be right, especially when it concerns the books of unknown authors like me. Am I downhearted? Not really. I still love what I do and refuse to give up writing and publishing my words.
If you reckon that I bang on about my books too much on Facebook, Twitter and Vine etc, well, I am sorry, but these days my books take up at least 95% of my life. I have no pets to tell you all about and refuse to buy one.

Minor setback

19th May 2016

Audiobook cover plus text Her demonic AngelWell, unlike the production of Her demonic Angel audiobook which sailed through problem-free, six of the twenty chapters of The Hostile audiobook need revisiting. Fourteen chapters passed the scrutiny of ACX with flying colours, so that news was very encouraging.

I was disappointed about the problematic six chapters for about five minutes, then buckled down to start remedying the slight issues. I rerecorded chapter three entirely on the same day that ACX told me that there were one or two extraneous sounds. I am now in the process of sound editing it and will then work my way through the rest. I have also sorted out sound errors on chapter seven. Luckily, I am not up against any external deadline, so I am not in the least bit panicked by this minor setback. The Hostile audiobook will be available within the next month though, or my name’s not Joy Mutter!

I was actually somewhat encouraged that errors were discovered by ACX as it proved they were actually listening to the tracks. I had been amazed at how easily Her demonic Angel audiobook passed quality control on ACX, considering it was narrated, recorded on Audacity and sound edited by yours truly. So, undaunted, it’s back on with the headphones and off I go again.

Still giving it all away

15th May 2016

Since my last blog, I have been working towards the publication of the audiobook of The Hostile. I have only two chapters to sound edit and then I am ready to upload it to ACX. Then I will be holding my breath in the hope that there are no problems. There weren’t any issues at all when I produced the Her demonic Angel audiobook, which is now available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

In the past couple of days, I have dipped a toe into advertising my books on Facebook. I am hoping that it will be effective and actually produce a few sales. According to Facebook, people seem to be looking at my advert, which consists of a video of all of my books. It’s running for a week and cost only £12, so I am not expecting miracles, although for a miracle to happen would be perfect.

I ran a one day offer of a free kindle edition of The Hostile yesterday, just for the hell of it. Hopefully the readers who have taken advantage of my many free offers and promotions will leave reviews, but it is naturally not guaranteed. I very recently was delighted to discover that I had gained a couple of five star reviews for two of my books, Living with Postcards and also for The Hostile. I pasted their kind words into the Reviews page on this site.

THE HOSTILE KINDLE COVER [477741]Yesterday, I offered my next-door neighbour, Lee, the choice of a bottle of wine, money or a paperback copy of my latest book, The Hostile, for unblocking my outside drain and trimming my hedge. I hasten to add that he offered to do these jobs, I didn’t beg him. I am delighted to announce that he chose my book as payment! I laughed and told him that I’d have punched him if he had chosen the wine or the money ha! He now has two of my books, although he knocked on my front door to ask if he could buy a paperback of Living with Postcards from me at Christmas to give to his mother. Luckily I had one spare copy that I could sell him. Now that Lee has so generously unblocked my drain and cut my hedge, I wish I had given, not sold it to him.

Just because

2nd May 2016

8 books landscape

As it’s such a cold, wet Bank Holiday, I thought that I would try to resist continuing to work on my audiobook of The Hostile, as it’s supposed to be a holiday. Instead, I decided to throw all of my books on the floor and photograph them on my iPhone. Trying to be logical, I ranged them in order, from the first book I wrote and published, A Slice of the Seventies, to the latest, The Hostile. And why not? Before you say anything about the quality of the photograph, I am a writer not a photographer.

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