A doubly momentous day

June 10th 2016 was not only the day that my beloved daughter, Zoe, married Chris Blyth in Ilfracombe, Devon, but it was also the day that the audiobook of The Hostile went live on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. As with my audiobook of Her demonic Angel, an iTunes copy is half the price of the Audible and Amazon copies. To be honest, I was so enchanted and involved with celebrating the spectacular wedding that I didn’t even notice that The Hostile audiobook, narrated by me, is now for sale or free download until I returned home on 13th June.

IMG_1875On 8th June, I flew to Exeter from Manchester, stayed a night in Exeter with my 86-year-old mother, who had flown from Jersey for her granddaughter’s wedding. We then caught a taxi (£110!) to Ilfracombe. At least we could share the cab fare. The rain luckily held off until after the outdoor ceremony overlooking sea, then it hammered down as we enjoyed a Lionel Richie themed reception. There was even a Lionel Richie cake and a Lionel Richie conga. It has been a magical, perfect six days that I will remember forever.

Hostile test cover audiobook (hand)I am now back in Oldham, slightly shell-shocked and slowly recovering from the festivities, gradually sliding back into my normal life of writing books and trying my best to market them, whilst bracing myself to start writing book nine, a sequel to The Hostile. Oh, did I mention The Hostile audiobook went live on iTunes, Amazon and Audible last Friday?

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