The Kindle edition of A Slice of the Seventies is free on Amazon 4th-7th July

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL 70sThe Kindle edition of A Slice of the Seventies will be free on Amazon from tomorrow, 4th July until 7th July.

A Slice of the Seventies is the first book in The Mug Trilogy and the second book by me. Published on Amazon in July 2015, it tells the story of Jersey-born Mug, a rape victim from a recently broken home. It covers her experiences as a sixteen-year-old girl at the Isle of Wight Music Festival in 1970, the same year that she follows a guru. It tracks her tumultuous four years as an art student in Coventry, where vegetarian Mug finds herself living next to an abattoir and railway shunting yard with David, a fellow art student. Dramatic events follow on from the evening they first meet, when Mug saves David from a very public suicide attempt.

This loosely autobiographical book can be read without having to read the other two books in the trilogy, The Lying Scotsman and Straws. The same applies to these other two books in the series. They are available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions, as are all eight of my books. for the UK Kindle edition. for the USA Kindle edition. for the UK paperback edition. for the USA paperback edition.

I’m reviewing the situation

3rd July 2016


A wonderful book blogger called Alison Daughtrey-Drew has just sent me this image on Twitter. I had just tweeted that I am patiently waiting for honest reviews and ratings from the readers of all the Goodreads Giveaways and free kindle offers I have been involved with for almost a year.

I couldn’t agree with the image’s sentiment more. I feel rather guilty about all of the books that I have read in the past without bothering to write a review. Until becoming an author myself, I never realised how important book reviews and ratings are, especially in the case of unknown authors who are trying to gain a readership in an overcrowded market. Not many readers are going to buy a book with a string of 1-star ratings and derogatory written reviews, unless they are family members or best friends of the author.

I officially became a self-employed author on 22nd July 2015 when I sold my first book on Amazon. From that day on, my fingers have stayed firmly crossed whilst I hope and pray for decent book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads of my published books. This makes it tricky typing book nine, a sequel to The Hostile.

Reviews can help to shape, make or break a writer’s future. I have also learned from experience that reviews, book or otherwise, can be used by some people as weapons, but that’s another story.

Back to the writing

27th June 2016

After immersing myself in creating the audiobook of The Hostile and doing more marketing of all of my books than was worthwhile, I have been recommitting my time to writing the sequel to The Hostile. I am not sure what the title will be but there’s plenty of time to dream one up. I completed a chapter a day and was about to begin chapter four of the sequel when I received a private message on Facebook from an exciting author of gritty crime thrillers, called Owen Mullen. He saved my bacon by telling me that I was promoting the free Kindle edition of Th e Hostile today, when Random Bullets Kindle is showing on Amazon as being free. I jumped into action and deleted all of the adverts I had placed for The Hostile and have just finished replacing them with ones for Random Bullets. It is now 17.30 and so I think I will delay writing chapter four until tomorrow.

To cheer myself and everyone else up, here is a little billboard I had knocked up for my non-fiction book, Living with Postcards. Hopefully it’ll generate a few more sales.

PhotoFunia Living with Postcards Hanging Billboard Regular 2016-06-27 05 00 21

FREE Kindle edition of Her demonic Angel

23rd June 2016

Her demonic Angel Kindle coverThe Kindle edition of Her demonic Angel is FREE on Amazon on 23rd and 24th June.
Her demonic Angel is a collection of all of my short stories written thus far. The stories have been written in a variety of genres so hopefully there should be something for everyone. Some tales are stranger than others, but all could be said to be different shades of dark. Despite its somewhat suggestive title, Her demonic Angel is not erotic fiction. Also available in paperback and audiobook editions.
The link to Her demonic Angel free Kindle on is
The link to Her demonic Angel free Kindle on is

A slight but exciting delay

20th June

Hostile test cover audiobook (hand)Well, my plans to steam ahead with writing the sequel to The Hostile were somewhat delayed today after the delayed arrival of 25 free promo codes for The Hostile audiobook that I wrote and narrated. I have just downloaded my free copy of The Hostile audiobook, even though I wrote and narrated it. When I made my first audiobook, Her demonic Angel, I was so keen to download it that I actually bought it from iTunes for £7.95 as I did not know that I would be receiving free promo codes from ACX that I could have used instead of hard-earned money. I was more patient this time and waited for the free codes for audiobook number two and now have The Hostile audiobook proudly sitting on my iPhone inside my Audible app. I also have asked for some promo codes for as well as the ones that arrived by email from ACX, so that I can distribute them to relevant Americans as well as to some British listeners.

Here is the link to The Hostile audiobook on

At last, it’s time for me to make a start on The Hostile’s sequel

19th June
I’m limbering up this evening in readiness of starting to write book nine first thing tomorrow. I will be writing the sequel to The Hostile, a book a fair few of you have read and enjoyed I’m very relieved to say. Sadly for me, people take up the kindle free offers of my books rather than buy a paperback edition, but at least that generates a review or two. As you know, book reviews are vital if any unknown author like myself is ever to become better known on Amazon.
The more time, money and effort that I spend marketing my books, the less satisfied I am with the results of my strenuous attempts to reach potential readers. It is time to kick marketing very hard into the long grass for a while. I can now return to what I do best and enjoy more than anything else on offer in this world, which is writing words that people can enjoy whenever they have enough spare time in their hectic lives.

Freebie alert!

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL (2)The Kindle edition of my 2015 thriller, Random Bullets, is FREE on Amazon today, 18th June.
After shooting and killing his nephew, a gunman runs wild in a London park. What drives Edward to commit such heinous acts? Who will survive yet another of his moments of madness? The action takes place in Jersey, Cornwall, Manchester, London and other places not of this world. Set in 2015, Random Bullets is a thriller with a fantasy twist.
Random Bullets is still my favourite book out of all that I have published. One of its main themes has impacted hugely on my life and will continue to do so until I am no more, and probably beyond.
If you are in U.K, the link to your free kindle of Random Bullets is
If you are in U.S.A, the link to your free kindle of Random Bullets is

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