New covers for all eight of my books

7th July 2016

I think that my newly designed cover for Straws, the third book in The Mug Trilogy, is an improvement on the original version.







Random Bullets FINAL FRONT cover jpg - Copy

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I received printed paperback editions of Random Bullets and Her demonic Angel this morning. I am so glad that I redesigned them. When I started publishing my books in July 2015, I used the more rigid templates in CreateSpace as I was not confident that I could drop an entire cover’s artwork into the the templates provided. I have since discovered a way of doing this. I can now unleash my graphic abilities gathered over the twenty years that I was a professional graphic designer. I am thoroughly enjoying the process




Her demonic Angel NEW FRONT paperback cover awI have made an executive decision. As an indie author I can do that. All of my books will have new covers within a week or so, even Living with Postcards and The Hostile. I have so far redesigned and republished paperback and Kindle editions of six of my eight books.

I wish that all of my newly designed covers for the Kindle editions of my books would hurry up and reveal themselves on Amazon. I have been uploading them over the past few days and they are showing as ‘live’, yet the old covers are still frustratingly displayed on Amazon. Hopefully they will change to the new ones at some point.

Once all of my books have new covers and are showing on Amazon, I can return to writing the The Hostile’s sequel. I have finished writing chapter four, so it is progressing well. I already have ideas for the cover.

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