I have finally finished redesigning the covers of all eight of my books and they are now live on Amazon

multi book covers new

Over the past couple of weeks, I have managed to redesign, update and republish all eight of my book covers in both paperback and Kindle editions. I also updated the end matter of each book to reflect the new books that I have written and published over this year. It has been an enjoyable but mentally draining exercise. I hope that you all think that it was well worth the enormous amount of concentrated effort.

I have certainly thought since the beginning of my writing career that each book deserved better covers than I had first designed. I was far too busy writing the current book to spend much time on the way the covers of my first books looked. I did my best within the constraints of Createspace, but I recently found a way to create the artwork myself and then drop it into the Createspace templates. I am mightily relieved to have achieved that task. As an ex-graphic designer with twenty years of graphic design experience, I always knew that my original book covers were lacking. I knew that I would have to revisit these original book covers, most of them designed a year ago, and revamp them. The old covers did not do me or the interiors of my books justice. Remaining true to my indie roots and philosophy, I did not pay a penny to achieve these results.

Here is the link to my Amazon author’s page where you can buy all of my books in paperback and Kindle editions. Some are also available as audiobook editions: http://amzn.to/29vbqql

The Hostile NEW FRONT cover

Random Bullets FINAL FRONT cover jpg - Copy

Revised Potholes and Magic Carpets

Her demonic Angel NEW FRONT paperback cover awA Slice of the Seventies FRONT cover Hendrix


Living with Postcards FRONT cover new

Straws NEW FRONT with text girl

The Lying Scotsman NEW FRONT cover paperback

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