In shock

18th July 2016

Random Bullets FINAL FRONT cover jpg - CopyI’m in shock. I’ve just received a message on Facebook from Tobias Van De Peer, someone I have not met for over ten years. He told me that he has recorded himself narrating the first chapter of my thriller, Random Bullets, on SoundCloud. He is a talented musician, actor, voice artiste and all-round performer, so I am amazed but thrilled that he took the time to record a chapter of my book. He had mentioned that he would like to narrate it, but I never thought that he actually would. By the way, the Kindle edition of Random Bullets is free on Amazon 18th and 19th July.

I think he has done a fantastic job. What do you think? I know that he had enjoyed reading the book and had rated it 5 star, but I am delighted he likes it enough to narrate it too! Here is the link to the SoundCloud file of Toby narrating Chapter One of my Random Bullets that he has just sent over to me on Facebook. I asked him if I could share this on Facebook and he kindly agreed.

Thank you, Toby, for taking the time to do such a wonderful job of narrating the first chapter of Random Bullets. I reckon that you narrate my books better than I do, ha! I’m looking forward to hearing you narrate the rest of my book.

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