Living with Postcards kindle is FREE today

Living with Postcards FRONT cover new

The Kindle edition of LIVING WITH POSTCARDS is FREE on Amazon today, 28th August. A paperback version is also available.

Living with Postcards is a colour-illustrated non-fiction book that describes my close relationship with old postcards, mostly pre-1924. I’ve collected them since the 1970s and now own over 2,000 of these charming, quirky historic items. A beautiful present from the past.

I started enthusiastically collecting postcards whilst writing my main thesis on Fantasy in Postcards at Art College whilst studying for my graphic design degree. My thesis won me a first with distinction, whereas my graphic art annoyingly gained me only a 2:2. My art history tutor suggested I lecture on the subject of fantasy in postcards. As I was only twenty-one at the time, I didn’t feel ready to become a lecturer and declined his kind offer. I decided to write this book instead. All of the cards in Living with Postcards are from my own large collection. for the UK Kindle edition for the USA Kindle edition for the UK paperback edition for the USA paperback edition

All kindle editions of my seven fiction books are currently £0.99 or the equivalent currency on Amazon and free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. Please feel free to sneak a peek at the Kindle edition of Living with Postcards here

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