Warms my heart

It was hard to stop smiling when I received this encouraging tweet from one of my followers on Twitter. I don’t know who Del Toro is apart from that he lives in the north of England. His job prevents him from making his tweets public, which is why I took a screenshot because I couldn’t re-tweet him. Now I have his words saved forever. It will remind me never to give up writing, however hard it is to be noticed amidst the millions of other authors of varying abilities populating this planet. If I can make one reader happy, then so am I. Thank you, Del Toro, whoever you are. Tweet from Del Torro

img_2096-2This is the book Del was recently so enthusiastic about. My 2015 paranormal crime thriller, Random Bullets, was published nine months ago. So far it has received thirteen 5-star reviews, nothing lower, since November 2015. Del Toro, the enthusiastic tweeter, couldn’t review or rate it because he doesn’t know how, so it should really be fourteen 5-star reviews across all Amazon sites. Never mind, I still have his tweet.

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