A lovely present from another author

Hostile banner advert by Colin Garrow

There was a wonderful surprise waiting for me when I looked at my Twitter notifications today. The first thing I noticed was that celebrated author, Colin Garrow, has generously made this snazzy banner advert for my 2016 paranormal thriller, The Hostile. I’ll be smiling all day. Thank you, Colin.
I also noticed that The Hostile has received another 5-star review on Amazon, not from Colin I hasten to add. Thank you to whoever left the latest encouraging review. The Hostile is still lagging slightly behind Random Bullets as far as the number of ratings on Amazon goes, but Random Bullets was published five months before The Hostile. Reviews and ratings act as fuel for an author’s engine. Without reviews, whether they be 2-star or 5-star, we’d be working in a vacuum, without the positive criticism that enables writing skills to improve. I know that I’ve listened to the criticism from anyone kind enough to offer it. Whenever I agree with their analysis, I’ve changed elements of my style.
I’d been wondering which of my books to promote on social media today. It’s a daily dilemma with eight books to promote, but one I enjoy. I think I have my answer. Here is the link to The Hostile kindle edition on Amazon http://amzn.to/2c1OIIc. It is also available in paperback on there and also as an audiobook on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

My Facebook author page is worth a mention. If you happen to be passing, take a look. If you’re feeling generous, please feel free to click the ‘like’ button.


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