Moving slowly in the right direction

The Kindle edition of POTHOLES AND MAGIC CARPETS is FREE on Amazon today, 4th September

The main action in Potholes and Magic Carpets takes place in rural Kent and London. This contemporary novel looks at the dramatic incidents, challenges and temptations in the lives of four couples of varying ages, professions and sexual persuasions, all linked by either blood or friendship. The negative, selfish, sometimes violent natures of some of the characters in Potholes and Magic Carpets wreak havoc on the innocent. A tale of not so simple folk.

The Kindle edition on
The Kindle edition on
The paperback edition on
The paperback edition on

The Kindle editions of all seven of my fiction books are currently £0.99 or the equivalent currency on Amazon but will all be £2.99 from 5th September onwards. Kindle editions of my books are free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. All eight books are available in paperback at reasonable prices. Two of my other books, Her demonic Angel and The Hostile, have audiobook versions on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. Please feel free to sneak a peek at Potholes and Magic Carpets here


£0.99 Kindle promotion will end on 5th September

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My £0.99 Kindle promotion ends on 5th September, then all Kindle editions of my eight books on Amazon will cost £2.99 or the equivalent currencies. All of my Kindles remain free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

Each book is also available in paperback on Amazon. The Hostile and Her demonic Angel are also available as audiobooks on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

If you are in Great Britain, all of my books on my Amazon author page in both paperback and Kindle editions can be found here.

I’ve joined The Alliance of Independent Authors

Alliance of Independent authors logoI recently became a fully paid-up member of The Alliance of Independent Authors. As I’m an extremely independent author, who has written, designed and published eight books single-handed, it seemed an appropriate organisation to join. Time will tell if I did the right thing as it wasn’t cheap to join and I’m not made of money. Several authors whose opinions I value have already joined, so I will blame them if I find no benefits from joining.

Alliance of Independent Authors /

My reviews of other authors’ books


Although my life is crammed to bursting with writing, designing, publishing and marketing my own books, I think I should try to review other books after I’ve read them. If I can’t be bothered to write a review after reading a book, why should I expect other people to find the time to write reviews of my own books?

I’d already written a review a couple of months ago of Owen Mullen’s book, Old Friends and New Enemies, and today I wrote a review of Pete Adam’s book, A Barrow Boy’s Cadenza. I thought it was worth creating a new page on my main website to house my reviews of other authors’ books. You can read what I think of these two books on my new page. I already have a page for reviews of my own books, so it seems only fair. I’ve read several hundreds, maybe thousands, of books in my long life, but as it takes a while to write a decent review, I think it wiser for me to only write reviews of books as and when I read them, not write retrospective ones.

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