Today’s free kindle is … wait for it … wait for it

Feeling nostalgic? The Kindle edition of A SLICE OF THE SEVENTIES, is FREE on Amazon today, Wednesday 5th October, for one day only.

A Slice of the Seventies FRONT cover HendrixA Slice of the Seventies is the first book in the Mug Trilogy. It tells the story of Jersey-born Mug, a troubled girl from a recently broken home. It covers her experiences as a teenager at the Isle of Wight Music Festival in 1970, the same year she follows a guru. The book tracks her tumultuous four years as an art student in Coventry, where vegetarian Mug finds herself living next to an abattoir and railway shunting yard with David, a fellow art student. Dramatic events follow on from the evening they first meet at a party where David is attempting to commit a very public suicide. Whether you were around in that decade or not, you’re bound to enjoy this nostalgic slice of the Seventies.

This loosely autobiographical book, published in 2015, can be read without having to read the other two books in the trilogy, The Lying Scotsman and Straws. The same applies to these other two standalone books in the series. The Mug Trilogy is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions, as are my other five books in various genres. Two of my books are also available as audiobooks on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. All eight Kindle versions are only £2.25 each or equivalent currency on Amazon and I keep the paperback prices as low as possible. My eight Kindles are all FREE to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. for the UK Kindle edition. for the USA Kindle edition. for the UK paperback edition. for the USA paperback edition.

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