I’m an accidental editor

It’s been a funny old week. On Monday, I was busy working on the final chapters of Holiday for The Hostile, sequel to my recently published paranormal thriller, The Hostile, and also narrating my third audiobook, Potholes and Magic Carpets.

I had started reading a book by an author, who shall remain nameless, as I had volunteered to be part of his Launch Team on Facebook. He had paid to have it edited. I was concerned to find eight errors in the first thirteen pages. I messaged him on Facebook to alert him to this worrying fact, whereupon the distressed author asked me to please consider editing his already edited book. I was reluctant at first, as I’m busy with my own work, but I knew he’d not meet his deadline of November 1st if he didn’t rapidly sort out his edit problem.

I initially said I’d edit the book for free because I felt sorry for his predicament, but as he’d been reimbursed by the original editor for shoddy services, he said he’d pay me what she’d been paid. He said he was sure I’d make a better job of it, which wouldn’t be hard. I discovered to my horror that the file he’d paid to have edited was littered with double words, missed or wrong punctuation, typos of every kind, etc etc. It took me four full days to edit his book. I found literally hundreds of errors in this already professionally edited book and amended each one, plus offered suggestions for improvement. When I say professionally edited, money had been exchanged between the first ‘editor’ and the author. It appeared all that had been done was for a spellcheck to have been run through it when diligent line editing had been required.

The author is delighted with the end result and I’ve just submitted my first Paypal invoice for editing services. I usually receive Paypal invoices, not send them, so sending an invoice was a novel experience. I’m guessing he might ask me to edit the next book in the series, rather than the first editor. Now to return to working on my own projects, primarily finishing off writing Holiday for The Hostile.

Update: I received payment from the author for my editing work today, so it’s official. I’m an editor as well as an author. Whether I end up editing any other author’s books in the future remains to be seen as there are many editors out there, although I thoroughly enjoy editing, so I’d certainly consider it.

In other news: Yesterday, I had my hair sorted out at my local hairdressers, not before time. My locks were preened in preparation for my ‘meet the authors’ event taking place at 11am inside Oldham Library on 5th November. I will be sharing the platform with three other female published writers who live in the Oldham area, all of whom I know personally. Helen Durrant is also speaking. She has written many successful crime thrillers. She and I have told each other we intend to wing it, but I bet we will end up panicking last minute and work out what we’re going to say to the audience. She and I occasionally meet up for a highly enjoyable catch-up.

As you can see from the video I made yesterday and stuck on YouTube for everyone to ignore, my lovely hairdresser is tiny. She is also the best hairdresser who has ever had the pleasure of working on my unexceptional hair.

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