My Facebook Launch Team for Holiday for The Hostile


I recently set up a launch team group on Facebook for my current book, Holiday for The Hostile, sequel to The Hostile, my 2016 paranormal thriller. I finished writing the first draft two days ago and am now working on the second of four drafts. I always make four drafts of every book I write to try to make them as perfect as possible. I will also record the audiobook edition before publishing Holiday for The Hostile in late 2016 or early 2017 in kindle and paperback editions. I’m in no hurry to publish as I don’t have a publisher breathing down my neck; I set my own deadlines because I self-publish but I’m a harsh taskmaster. If you would like to be part of my launch team, please feel free to do so. The more the merrier. I’m also a team member on several other authors’ launch teams, even picking up an editor role for one of those authors, as I mentioned in my previous blog post entitled I’m an accidental editor.


My original idea for a cover depicted a girl swimming through liquid tarmac, a scene in Holiday for The Hostile, which is set in rural Ireland. However, I changed my mind after reading author Colin Garrow’s article on  the benefits of authors branding their series. I’ve always understood it is preferable to have a common theme or look to a series of books, but I conveniently shut my eyes to this because I had ideas which didn’t lend themselves to branding.





holiday-for-the-hostile-cover-with-text-2The Hostile NEW FRONT coverA couple of days ago, I decided to rethink, so I redesigned the cover and came up with the grey and red hand cover, as it complements the first book. There will probably be a third book, which is odd as I never intended to write a series. It just happened.






holiday-for-the-hostile-road-photo-greyscaleThe original cover idea won’t be wasted as I intend adding a greyscale version within the body of the book. An extra bonus for the reader. I also will add a greyscale image of a silk postcard, which is also an important, highly sinister part of the story. The postcard, pictured below, is actually one from my own collection of over 2,000 postcards. If you’ve already read Book 1, The Hostile, you’ll be delighted to learn that Holiday for The Hostile is even stranger. Several readers have said in their reviews that The Hostile was the strangest book they’ve ever read, an opinion which delights me, especially as they went on to say they loved it. I’m hopeful that they will enjoy the sequel even more.


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