Unexpected fantastic news

28th October 2016

book-promo-postcard-scanI’m thrilled to have just received an email from Oldham Library to say they want to stock six of my eight books. I only sent them six. Maybe I should have sent all eight. I’ve been waiting for several months to hear their decision. I thought I would end up being disappointed, but instead, I’ve just received wonderful news; they want my books. They say they will buy a copy of each paperback and then see how they go with the readers. Fingers crossed that the readers of Oldham will love them.


This great news couldn’t have come at a better time as I’ll be talking at a ‘Meet your Local Authors’ event at 11am on 5th November at Oldham Library. Helen Durrant, Carol Talbot and Jo Harthan are the other authors who will be sharing a platform with me. I am having lunch with the other three tomorrow in The Naked Bean inside Oldham Library to discuss the event. I am still planning to wing it as I could talk all day about my books, not just the fifteen minutes allocated to me. Just ask the local taxi drivers and Tesco delivery men whether or not I can talk about my books. I will probably have to be dragged off the stage when my fifteen minutes (of fame?) are up. You see, I don’t get to talk to many people these days. I’m too busy writing books.

Update: Less than an hour after writing this post, I looked on my main blog at http://joymutter.com  and discovered a message hidden amidst the spam asking me if I’d be interested in speaking on my own for an hour about my only non-fiction book, Living with Postcards, at Oldham Coliseum. It’ll be for a Full Circle over 50s event to be held sometime in early 2017. They’d even pay me to speak! Of course, I’d be interested. I can’t get used to all this excitement.

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