When shall we three meet again?

oldham-libraryThis was the question authors Helen Durant, Carol Talbot and I asked yesterday as we sat having lunch in The Naked Bean, although we already knew the answer … 11a.m. on November 5th at Oldham Library to be precise. We three, plus Jo Harthan who couldn’t make it yesterday, will be strutting our stuff in the performance area of Oldham library next Saturday, talking about the many aspects of living our lives as authors. When I say strutting our stuff, I can’t promise any dancing, but who knows what might happen if the mood takes us? We will each be allocated fifteen minutes each, with questions from the audience afterwards.

I’ve changed my mind about winging it as I originally planned to do. As the time draws ever closer, the fear is edging in. Having now decided to plan my speech, I’ve written seven pages which I will either read out or use bullet points and freestyle around those bullet points. My freestyling could lead to my fifteen minutes allocated stretching to an hour, so I need to rein in my over-excitable side. I’m so passionate about my books and the writing and publishing process, I tend not to know when to shut up. I know I could gallop off at a tangent when ideas start firing off, so I might be safer just to read it out. I don’t want to be kicking myself afterwards because I missed something crucial out of my talk. At least I can talk more freely if I’m asked a question. I don’t want the first question from the audience to be, ‘Do you think you should be allowed out in public?’

oldham-coliseum-exteriorI’ve also been invited to give AN HOUR solo talk about my book, Living with Postcards at Oldham Coliseum sometime in the New Year. It will be for a Full Circle group of over 50s, so I’ll be in good company. They are even offering a small fee to give the talk. I’d have done it for free. I hope I can also mention my seven fiction books at some point.


coliseum-interior-2Apparently, it would be a forty-five-minute talk followed by fifteen minutes of questions. What with also being told on Thursday  that six of my books will soon be on the shelves of Oldham Library, I’ve had an amazing week. Once my books are safely on Oldham Library’s bookshelves, I’ll approach other libraries to see whether they’d also like my books to be included. I’m not entirely convinced that there won’t be a hitch, but if there is, I will battle to make it happen.

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