Best result so far

The Hostile NEW FRONT coverI was delighted that 134 readers downloaded the free kindle edition of The Hostile yesterday, especially as I didn’t pay to advertise the fact it was on offer. The previous best result was when I gained 100 downloads of Random Bullets a few months ago, but I’d paid about £20 to advertise the offer. Small fry compared to big name authors, but I’m not one of those.

I’ve decided to lower the price of The Hostile from £2.25 to £0.99 or equivalent currencies. The reason for this is because of the publication of Holiday for The Hostile in paperback and Kindle editions before the end of 2016. I’ll publish the audiobook edition of Holiday for The Hostile in early 2017. I think the sequel is even more bizarre than the first book, and that’s saying something. One reader said it is the most unusual book he’s ever read and added that he is enjoying the experience. He hasn’t even reached the REALLY bizarre sections yet, so I’m looking forward to his reaction when he does.

I’ve uploaded half of the edited Holiday for the Hostile on my Facebook Holiday for The Hostile Launch Team page. I’ll upload the rest in the next week or two. I’m appreciating the encouraging positive feedback from those supportive Launch Team members who’ve already started to read this sequel to The Hostile in advance to its publication.

If you’d like to join my Holiday for The Hostile Facebook Launch Team, just ask. I’d be delighted to have you on board. Here’s the link


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