Can I resist the temptation?

holiday-for-the-hostile-cover-with-text-2I’ve set the date of Friday, 16th December for the publication of Holiday for The Hostile on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. I could publish it right now, but I’m waiting for anyone in my launch team who wants to read the pdf, ePub or MOBI file of the book to do so. I hope I can resist the temptation to push the publish button on KDP Direct and Createspace, but it’s a struggle not to just publish and be damned. When you’re my age, I’d hate to snuff it before I publish book two of The Hostile series.

I’m in several Facebook launch teams andC have so far helped 3 other authors launch their books, with 4 more still to launch. Teams such as this are a new phenomenon to me. I only joined my first team a couple of months ago, but it’s a fun way of giving back to fellow authors, as I know how hard it can be at times, enjoyable as writing is. I enjoy giving specific, detailed feedback on a book before Holiday for The Hostile goes to print.

I received another 5-star review for both The Hostile and Random Bullets yesterday. That brings Random Bullets total of 5-star reviews across the whole of Amazon to 17. Despite being published seven months after Random Bullets, The Hostile is catching up with 10 reviews on Amazon, but it can’t boast 5-star and nothing lower, although it averages 4.9-star which is still more than encouraging. The other six books are fairly static, just jogging along, but who cares? Looking forward to starting to write book three of The Hostile series.

Before I log off, here is the review for Random Bullets. It made me smile for all sorts of reasons. I don’t know the reviewer, but thanks, Jim.

Format: Kindle Edition
“Quite possibly the most disturbing account of how NOT to lose one’s virginity I’ve ever read in my life. From the beginning of this story until the last any illusions you’ve had about the people around you leading sane and normal lives is thrown to the wind. From the twisted viewpoint of the murderer to the not so secret disdain for the façade that the “morally” upright people project as a public persona; this book this book not only slays those beliefs but buries them and comes back after dark to piddle on them while reeling from a fine gibbering madness. A fun romp all the way through.”
I’ll take that.

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