The real Jimmy Poodle, in all his glory

15401104_693400197492710_1885866472642705208_nI just HAD to show you this photo that Irish Jimmy Poodle himself posted on Twitter yesterday. He’d ordered the paperback edition of Holiday for The Hostile as he wanted to see his name in print. I won’t add any spoilers here except to say that Jimmy Poodle plays a big part in the storyline of Holiday for The Hostile. The real-life Jimmy asked to be in the book as a joke because he’s always joked with me for years in the most irreverent ways (I apologise for his behaviour in advance if you ever stumble across him on social media, ha!).

So, I obliged with his request to be a character in the book, although I’ve never met him, only sparred with him for years online. I may live to regret it. Holiday for The Hostile, second book of The Hostile series, is mainly set in Ireland, because of Jimmy Poodle. The real Jimmy Poodle is a likable, rebellious Oirish divil, but I took his character many stages further in the book. I’m dreading what else he’ll say to me on Twitter once he’s read it. It could get messy. He says he jumped to the bit with him in it and is asking me daft questions on Twitter. He’s bound to have questions if he doesn’t read the whole thing. Maybe I should have made Holiday for The Hostile a picture book, just for him, although there are a few pictures in the book.

Renata de Castro, a flamboyant Brazilian film-maker who I know online, also asked to be in Holiday for The Hostile. It would have been rude not to add her as she was so excited by the thought of being in the book, so I worked her seamlessly into the plot. As I mentioned earlier, the Kindle of book one, The Hostile is free on Amazon today.

Kindle edition of The Hostile on

Kindle edition of The Hostile on

Book two, Holiday for The Hostile, is only £0.99, like all my other Kindles.

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