Good news! All my Kindles are now £0.99

I’ve lowered all my kindle prices to £0.99 from £2.25 on Amazon, so that’s a piece of good news to brighten up your day.

Another piece of good news is that I’ve almost finished the first draft of book ten. The Hostile Game is book three in The Hostile series. I’m aiming to publish it on Amazon in Kindle and paperback by the end of April or early May this year.

I’ve had more free time to write my new book over the past few weeks now my paid proofreading work has been given to a larger proofreading company by the independent crime and thriller publisher. The publisher concerned puts out so many books a month that they need a bigger company to handle them all. I’ve said I’ll be glad to work on any work overflow they might have in the future, as we had a great working relationship. Still, I enjoyed proofreading the four books they gave me to work on since January and still have a couple of authors who want me to edit their books. Primarily, I’m an author. The proofreading and editing work came about by accident. Now to finish writing chapter 32 of my paranormal thriller, The Hostile Game. I’m delighted by how the book is turning out. I can’t wait for you to read it.

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