One of my little rituals

True to form, as soon as the postman delivered my newly published tenth book, The Hostile Game, through my letterbox, after examining it and finding it flawless, I threw it on the living room floor with the rest of my books, whipped out my iPhone and shot a few photographs.


The Hostile Game has now joined my other nine books on their own special shelf, next to a bronze naked lady sculpted by my brother. Steve had been a prolific sculptor before suffering a severe stroke several years ago.

In four or five months, I’ll hopefully be repeating the process when I’ve finished writing book eleven, Confronting the Hostile, book four of The Hostile series. I’ve written five chapters, but there’s no hurry. I usually write from 11 am until 6 pm each day, so it’s hard not to write a 200-page book every few months, including rigorously editing and designing it. When it comes to writing, I’m a disciplined enthusiast.

The link to the Kindle edition of The Hostile Game on Amazon Also available as a paperback on Amazon worldwide.

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