The Hostile series

Each book in The Hostile series of paranormal crime thrillers can be read as a standalone. The series consists of The Hostile, Holiday for The Hostile and The Hostile Game. I’m currently writing book four, Confronting The Hostile.

Book 1. THE HOSTILE. (published in 2016. 192 pages)
In a rundown area of Manchester, inside the bathroom of a terraced house overflowing with children and dysfunctional parents, a powerful entity befriends young Serena with disastrous results. This unlikely enigmatic force not only dramatically affects introverted Serena’s life but also threatens the well-being of everyone she knows, especially those people who’ve earned the strange girl’s displeasure. It soon becomes clear that nobody should ever upset Serena … if they know what’s good for them. After reading The Hostile, you’ll never look at D.I.Y. in the same way again.
Available on Amazon as a Kindle and paperback. The audiobook is available on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Book 2. HOLIDAY FOR THE HOSTILE. (published in 2016. 208 pages)
Serena, plus her unusual friend and partner in crime, Tile X, reluctantly find themselves suffering a family holiday at her eccentric grandfather’s hovel in Ireland. Who will manage to escape intact from their dramatic holiday from Hell?
Available on Amazon as a Kindle and paperback. The audiobook is in production.





Book 3. THE HOSTILE GAME. (published in 2017. 179 pages)
In The Hostile Game, Manchester-based Serena, now eighteen and pregnant, finally discovers the reason why Tile X befriended her seven years before. She doesn’t like what she hears. Mayhem ensues, with a retired Irish police superintendent becoming more involved than perhaps he should have.
Available on Amazon as a Kindle and paperback. The audiobook is in production.

Each of my ten Kindle editions on Amazon is £0.99 or equivalent currencies. They are always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The paperback versions won’t break the bank either. If you enjoy audiobooks, two of my books, The Hostile, and Her demonic Angel, are also available as audiobooks on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. You can find all my books here

Step into the ‘refreshingly original’ world of The Hostile and lose yourself in a ‘bizarrely captivating’ read.

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