Confronting The Hostile is coming soon

word Confronting the Hostile cover v 3 PDF-page-001I’ve been busy completing my latest book, Confronting The Hostile, book 4 of The Hostile series. I’ve just uploaded the MOBI and PDF files for Confronting The Hostile onto my Facebook Hostile series Launch Team page for anyone in the team who’d like to read it to give me their valuable feedback. Writing Confronting The Hostile has been an even more enjoyable experience than writing the other three. I hope you’ll find reading it equally enjoyable.

I’ll delay publishing the Kindle and paperback for a couple of weeks to give anyone who’d like to read it and give me feedback enough time to do so. Once it’s published, I’ll be offering Confronting The Hostile for free for a few days on Amazon so that any reviews anyone in the team cares to write will be for a verified purchase. Reviews of any kind for this book, or any other of my books, will be greatly appreciated whenever they’re posted on Amazon and Goodreads. I know how busy everyone is, which is why I’m so grateful for any support you’d care to give to the launch of Confronting The Hostile. I’ve helped launch at least a dozen or so books for other authors and know that every bit of support is priceless. If anyone would like to join my Launch Team for The Hostile series, here is the link I’d love to have you on board.

Here is the blurb for Confronting The Hostile.
A retired Irish superintendent and his former colleague, a handsome DCI from Liverpool, attempt to rid themselves and the world of their lethal tile masters. Will they succeed in reclaiming their freedom, or will the bizarre killing games continue? Confronting The Hostile (2017, 175 pages) is book 4 in The Hostile series of unusual paranormal crime thrillers. It is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions.

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