I published my eleventh book yesterday

Still on a high after publishing my 11th book, Confronting The Hostile, on Amazon yesterday. It is the 4th book in The Hostile series of contemporary paranormal crime thrillers. The first three books in this series are available in Kindle and paperback editions on Amazon. So far, only the Kindle of Confronting The Hostile is on Amazon, but the paperback version should be on there in a few days once it’s passed CreateSpace’s review process.

3Hostile audiobooks jpg

Audiobook versions of the first three books in The Hostile series are available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. http://adbl.co/2hNyxDM. I also intend to produce an audiobook version of Confronting The Hostile, narrated by Alexander Doddy. He made such a wonderful job of narrating Holiday for The Hostile and The Hostile Game that I’d be crazy not to hire him to narrate book four. I narrated the first book, The Hostile, but I’m too busy writing book twelve to spare the time to narrate Confronting The Hostile.

In Confronting The Hostile, a retired Irish superintendent and his former colleague, a handsome DCI from Liverpool, attempt to rid themselves and the world of their lethal tile masters. Will they succeed in reclaiming their freedom, or will the bizarre killing games continue? Set in Manchester, Liverpool, and Ireland.

NEW The Hostile series banner no text jpg

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