The audiobooks of Random Bullets, and Potholes and Magic Carpets went LIVE yesterday

I’m thrilled to announce that the audiobooks of Random Bullets, narrated by Alexander Doddy, and Potholes and Magic Carpets, narrated by Tracey Norman, both went live on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes yesterday. They have joined my other five audiobooks on these three sites. I’m delighted with the performances of Tracey and Alexander. Tracey has the most perfect diction I’ve ever heard, and Alexander puts his heart and soul into narrating Random Bullets, just as he did with Holiday for The Hostile, The Hostile Game, and Confronting The Hostile audiobooks. I hope Alexander will be free to narrate A Shedload of Pain, the thriller I’m currently writing. I’ve reached chapter 17 and so it won’t be too long before I publish book thirteen.

The audiobook of A Slice of the Seventies will be available by the end of 2017.







Once Amazon has whispersynced them, which usually takes them about thirty days, they should both be much cheaper to buy. Unlike my Kindles and paperbacks, Amazon sets the price of audiobooks, so authors have no say in audiobook pricing. I’m all for audiobooks costing as little as possible, to encourage people to listen to them. Once both audiobooks have been whispersynced, if you buy the Kindle of either book, you’ll be able to buy the audiobook for much less money than before whispersyncing. The Kindle editions of Random Bullets and Potholes and Magic Carpets are only £0.99 each, like most of my other Kindles, and free when I run a free promotion. Remember, all my Kindles are free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers, and the audiobooks are free with Audible trial.

You can find all my audiobooks here: 


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