‘Confronting the Hostile’ (Audiobook) by Joy Mutter

Colin Garrow

Confronting the Hostile – Audiobook


Following the multi-storey carpark scene in the previous book (where Serena and her pal take a flying walk to freedom), retired cop John and DCI Damon become the unexpected ‘keepers’ of Joe and Tile X. The demonic bathroom tiles stick to their usual routine and are soon making hideous and unrelenting demands on the unlucky humans – if the unfortunate coppers don’t hand over the names for the deadly tiles to slaughter, their joint futures will be short. And very painful.

Though I’d already read ‘Confronting the Hostile’ (book 4 in The Hostile series), I was interested to listen to the audio version to see how it stands up in the entertainment stakes. Actor and voice artist Alexander Doddy narrates this episode, bringing a new dimension to the gory tale with his range of accents and talent as a storyteller. This particular copy came…

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