Now to crack on and finish writing The Trouble With Liam

Kath s cover 1 jpgFor the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard editing, designing, and laying out the debut book by my BFF, Kathleen Kelly. It’s called 11. On Tuesday, Kath came to stay at my house so I could show her how to publish 11 on Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing. After much swearing and laughter, we solved a few technical issues with her laptop and managed to publish 11, her memoir, on 21.8.2018, which, when the numbers in the date are added up, ironically equals 11 11. It’s available on Amazon in Kindle (99p) and paperback (£5.75)

“11 is a true account of Kathleen Kelly’s life and the mysterious phenomena her ordinary life has touched on. Both the ordinary and out of the ordinary experiences were triggered by one event which led her on an extraordinary journey. This story incorporates Kathleen’s memories, including when a mysterious force spoke to her of change. Inside a warehouse in a town in northern England, a trigger activated a chain of phenomenal truths which compelled the author to share her journey with you. 11’s publication date is timed to perfection … 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11.”

I was happy to do all the work on her book for free as I wanted her to feel the elation I feel every time I publish one of my books, especially the first one. But, she surprised and delighted me by giving me some cash and presents as a token of her gratitude. My real reward for my efforts was to see her face light up when she saw her book appear on Amazon for the first time.

Kath and I should each receive the paperback version of 11 tomorrow, and I’ll just have to imagine how thrilled she’ll be to hold her first paperback. My heart is beating faster as I so clearly remember how it felt when the postman popped my first paperback through the letterbox. As I published four books within the space of a day or so, I nearly fainted with delight and over-excitement each time I heard a thud on my doormat. The four books were A Slice of The Seventies, The Lying Scotsman, Straws, and Potholes and Magic Carpets.

Now I’ve finished working on Kath’s book, I can concentrate on writing the final chapters of my psychological thriller. By the end of this year, I should hopefully be experiencing that now familiar bubbling excitement as I hold the paperback edition of The Trouble With Liam, my thirteenth book.

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