My sister takes my books on holiday

My younger sister, Alison, always likes to take one of my books to read while on holiday. She admits she’s not an enthusiastic reader but Ali enjoyed reading Potholes and Magic Carpets in Jersey last summer.


Holiday for The Hostile in Tenerife. She enjoyed Holiday for The Hostile so much she raced through it and even dreamt about it.

Ali reading HFTH

She has just finished reading The Hostile Game in Costa Rica.

hostile game in costa rica

I’m deeply envious she’s been holidaying in Costa Rica since December and won’t be returning until early March. I’ll probably have finished writing the next two books in the Trouble Trilogy by then. I’ve been writing at least a chapter a day since Christmas. Ali says she will leave the paperback of The Hostile Game in Costa Rica so someone else can enjoy reading it.

I prefer to take audiobooks on holiday rather than paperbacks. They’re easier to enjoy when I’m sunbathing. There are nine audiobook editions of my thirteen books. Two were narrated by me, four narrated by Alexander Doddy and three by Tracey Norman. All are available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.


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