The Kindle of The Trouble With Liam is FREE from 31st Jan- 1st Feb

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My latest book, The Trouble With Liam, is a powerful psychological thriller set in Ireland and Sheffield. It tells the life story of Liam O’Sullivan in all its twisted glory. The book begins with tales of Liam’s challenging childhood in Dublin and follows him through tragic events which change him into a misogynistic, controlling, ultimately lethal bully living in Sheffield. Liam thought he could do as he pleased … until he was taught otherwise. Prepare to be shocked in different ways throughout the book. If you’re not a fan of thrillers or reading books containing violence, sex, and swearing, please avoid The Trouble With Liam. If you enjoy lashings of dark humour, situations to make your eyes pop out, thrills of every kind all wrapped up in a gripping, dramatic storyline, please read on. I’m currently writing the next books in the series, The Trouble With Russell, and The Trouble With Trouble.

Link to the Kindle edition on Amazon in U.K. – FREE from 31st Jan-1st Feb.
Link to the Kindle edition on Amazon in U.S.A. – FREE from 31st Jan-1st Feb
Link to the paperback edition on Amazon in U.S.A. $11.50
Link to the paperback edition on Amazon in U.K. £5.75

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Remember, if you download the free Kindle, you can buy the audiobook for £3.47 instead of over £22. I love a bargain, don’t you?

Link to the audiobook on
Link to the audiobook on

Here are some snippets from some 5-star reviews of The Trouble With Liam: “As a psychological thriller, this book ticks all the boxes.” “If you’re okay with violence and scenes that make you wince then this is a great read.” “This is a dark, shocking story that will keep you thinking long after you’ve finished reading it.” “The only trouble with Liam, I found, was the book came to an end.” “If you enjoy being shocked, you’ll like this. I know I did!” “Brilliant read. Captures you from the first chapter. Plays with your emotions.” “Read with the lights on, the doors locked, and a weapon at your side!”

12 of my 13 Kindle editions are only £0.99, or equivalent currencies, on Amazon, and are always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The Kindle version of The Hostile Series Box Set is only £2.30 for all 4 books in The Hostile series. Random Bullets, Potholes and Magic Carpets, Her demonic Angel, The Hostile, Holiday for The Hostile, The Hostile Game, Confronting The Hostile, A Slice of the Seventies, and The Trouble With Liam are also available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes as audiobooks.

You can find all editions of my books here:

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