An evening out with All The Bens

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the play ‘All The Bens’ written by Ian Townsend which was performed at Oldham Libraries on the 27th June. The three actors were superb and it was so interesting to meet the cast, playwright, and director after the performance for an enlightening Q and A. If you get the chance to see it, I highly recommend you buy a ticket. ‘All The Bens’ is certainly a brilliantly acted, thought-provoking play. Go to All the Bens Summer tour 2019 Facebook page to see where it’ll be performed this summer.
It was also fun catching up with Ian Townsend before the show. Well, it was for me, anyway, ha! I attended a useful one-on-one workshop with him a few months ago at Oldham Library. You can all blame Ian if my next book is even more outrageous than my others. He advised me to write without self-censorship, so I did. The result is The Trouble With Trouble, book 2 in The Trouble series. I completed the third draft a few weeks ago, plus a chunk of book 3.
Book 1, The Trouble With Liam, is already available on Amazon in Kindle, paperback, and audiobook editions. Tracey Norman – Actress/Voice Artiste narrated the audiobook version beautifully.

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