Today I finished writing the first draft of The Trouble With Liam

It usually takes me approximately four months to write, edit, layout, produce the cover artwork and publish each of my books. A year has passed since I published my twelfth book, Confronting The Hostile. With a dozen books under my belt, I decided to take my sweet time writing book thirteen, but I’m happy to announce I’ve just finished working on the first draft of The Trouble With Liam. I’m excited by how it’s turned out. My latest book is a dark psychological thriller set in Ireland and Sheffield. It follows the dramatic events in the life of  Liam O’Sullivan, an Irishman more attractive on the outside than the inside.

I would have probably published this book by now, but I spent a couple of months helping my best friend, Kathleen Kelly,  to publish her first book, called 11. I edited it for her, laid it out for Kindle and paperback, and produced the cover artwork. It’s just received its first five-star review on Amazon and Kath couldn’t be happier. I’m also happy because the publication of 11 means I’ve been able to return to working on my own book.

I’ve already produced two possible artworks for the book cover that I’m reasonably happy with but I might work on a few more before deciding on the final version. As a former graphic designer, I always enjoy working on my book covers. I also love working on all the drafts that follow on from the first, so, with a cheery wave, I’m off to start working on the second draft of The Trouble With Liam.

The Kindle of HOLIDAY FOR THE HOSTILE is FREE on Amazon from 23rd-25th July

front-cover-holiday-for-the-hostile-newHoliday for The Hostile, book 2 in The Hostile series, is a gripping contemporary paranormal crime thriller with a splash of horror. It was published on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions in December 2016 and can be read as a standalone like the other books in the collection. The entire series can be purchased on Amazon for under £3.00 in Kindle format. It’s worth so much more. Book 1 in the series is called The Hostile, book 3 is The Hostile Game. Yesterday, I finished writing the first draft of book 4, Confronting The Hostile.



Holiday for the Hostile audiobook cover + textThe Hostile Game audiobook cover jpg







The audiobook edition of Holiday for The Hostile, narrated by Alexander Doddy, was recently published on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. It is currently only £2.99 on Audible and Amazon. 6 hours 37 minutes of pure entertainment. The audiobook edition of The Hostile Game, also narrated by Alexander Doddy, was published on 19th July.

Serena, plus her unusual friend and partner in crime, Tile X, find themselves suffering a family holiday at her eccentric grandfather’s hovel in Ireland. Who will manage to escape intact from their dramatic holiday from Hell?

Here’s a snapshot of what a few of the readers say about Holiday for The Hostile: “Ms Mutter has carved out a new niche for herself. And from where I’m standing, she’s way out in front … With some books, you get an idea where things are going and where they’re likely to end. Not this one. Every chapter was a surprise with new characters and situations and a bunch of wonderfully inventive deaths.” “It has plenty of scary bits … can’t wait until book three is out.” “The end is a total surprise. Was expecting a skeleton in the family closet, but it turns in a completely different direction, keeping you on your toes and guessing.” “Excellent. Really looking forward to more. Joy tells a good tale.”

Link to the Kindle edition on
Link to the Kindle edition on
Link to the paperback edition on
Link to the paperback edition on

Each of my 10 Kindle editions is £0.99 or equivalent currencies on Amazon and is always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The paperback versions won’t break the bank either. The Hostile, Holiday for The Hostile, The Hostile Game, and Her demonic Angel are all available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes as audiobooks.

An extract from Holiday for The Hostile

An interesting turn of events

Not wishing to tempt fate, but 2017 has kicked off encouragingly for me. In early January, I was contacted on social media by a publisher of crime thrillers who asked me if I’d be interested in proofreading three books a month for them. They publish six books a month. I’ve already read and proofread three edited books for them over the past two weeks. I found many errors in the three edited books, and have been swiftly paid for my work. I am now free to write my own books for the next two weeks before I receive three more books in February to proofread. I’m currently writing the third book of The Hostile series. I’m looking forward to enjoying the three crime thrillers a month that the publisher will hopefully be sending me to proofread. They seem happy with my work.

The books the publisher has recently sent me to proofread are all on the brink of publication and were all five-star reads. I would have happily purchased them, as I enjoy reading crime thrillers more than any other genre. This new dream job as proofreader came about because of my recent habit of marking typos on my kindle while reading books I’ve purchased on Amazon. If I know the author on social media, I’ve sent them a list of the errors, so they can make their books as perfect as possible. I don’t set out to find errors but can’t ignore them if they spring out at me. Each author I’ve approached has been grateful I sent them the list of errors the editor had missed. One author happened to be the publisher of crime thrillers who now uses my services.

Only one book out of the scores of books I’ve read in 2016 had no typos. Most had well over a dozen errors, several had over a hundred and one had more than 450! All had been ‘professionally’ edited, which makes my blood boil. Aren’t editors supposed to eliminate typos? I suspect some editors had merely run a spellcheck through the document. There is no excuse for such negligence. Yes, I’m sure there are meticulous editors out there, but they seem to be few and far between. It’s one reason I am happy to continue self-editing my books. I no longer trust editors to do a perfect job.

This new dream job came about because of my habit of marking typos on my Kindle while reading books I have purchased. If I know the author on social media, I send them a list of the errors, so they can make their books as perfect as possible. I know hundreds of authors on social media, some in the real world, so I have spent a great deal of time sending free lists of typos in books that have been professionally edited. Two of the books had hundreds of errors in them, even though the authors had paid hundreds of pounds to the editor. One editor apologised and reimbursed the author after my list of errors was sent to them by the author. I ended up editing his book, despite never having edited a book for payment before, and despite being busy with my own writing and marketing. I didn’t set out to be an editor or paid proofreader as well as being an author; it was a happy accident.

I’m not saying I’m perfect, far from it. As I’ve self-edited my own nine books, I dare say there may be the odd typo in one or two of them. If there is an error, I would hope that some kind reader would tell me about it, as I can easily rectify the problem. As an indie author, I can swiftly amend and republish on Amazon.

In other news. Two weeks from now, I’ll be at Oldham Coliseum talking about my books, particularly my non-fiction Living with Postcards, in front of an over-fifties group. I’ll be the only author talking at this event, unlike my talk at Oldham Library a few months ago where I shared the platform with four other local authors. I am not too nervous because I’ve prepared my speech. What’s the worst that could happen? Don’t answer that.

My Facebook Launch Team for Holiday for The Hostile


I recently set up a launch team group on Facebook for my current book, Holiday for The Hostile, sequel to The Hostile, my 2016 paranormal thriller. I finished writing the first draft two days ago and am now working on the second of four drafts. I always make four drafts of every book I write to try to make them as perfect as possible. I will also record the audiobook edition before publishing Holiday for The Hostile in late 2016 or early 2017 in kindle and paperback editions. I’m in no hurry to publish as I don’t have a publisher breathing down my neck; I set my own deadlines because I self-publish but I’m a harsh taskmaster. If you would like to be part of my launch team, please feel free to do so. The more the merrier. I’m also a team member on several other authors’ launch teams, even picking up an editor role for one of those authors, as I mentioned in my previous blog post entitled I’m an accidental editor.


My original idea for a cover depicted a girl swimming through liquid tarmac, a scene in Holiday for The Hostile, which is set in rural Ireland. However, I changed my mind after reading author Colin Garrow’s article on  the benefits of authors branding their series. I’ve always understood it is preferable to have a common theme or look to a series of books, but I conveniently shut my eyes to this because I had ideas which didn’t lend themselves to branding.





holiday-for-the-hostile-cover-with-text-2The Hostile NEW FRONT coverA couple of days ago, I decided to rethink, so I redesigned the cover and came up with the grey and red hand cover, as it complements the first book. There will probably be a third book, which is odd as I never intended to write a series. It just happened.






holiday-for-the-hostile-road-photo-greyscaleThe original cover idea won’t be wasted as I intend adding a greyscale version within the body of the book. An extra bonus for the reader. I also will add a greyscale image of a silk postcard, which is also an important, highly sinister part of the story. The postcard, pictured below, is actually one from my own collection of over 2,000 postcards. If you’ve already read Book 1, The Hostile, you’ll be delighted to learn that Holiday for The Hostile is even stranger. Several readers have said in their reviews that The Hostile was the strangest book they’ve ever read, an opinion which delights me, especially as they went on to say they loved it. I’m hopeful that they will enjoy the sequel even more.