The Kindle of LIVING WITH POSTCARDS is FREE on Amazon from 8th-9th March

Living with Postcards FRONT cover newLiving with Postcards is my only non-fiction book out of the dozen books I’ve written. It’s packed with colour illustrations and describes my close relationship with old postcards. Each card illustrated in the book is from my own large collection. I’ve collected over 2,000 of these charming, quirky, historical items since the 1970s. I gave a talk to Full Circle members at Oldham Coliseum about Living with Postcards in January 2017. Living with Postcards is a beautiful present from the past that anyone can enjoy. It is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions and is always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
“The author shares her impressive knowledge of vintage postcards in an entertaining and informative style. Brimming with lovely reproductions, it’s never dull. A book to read from cover to cover or just dip into. Certainly, a book to revisit. Living with Postcards makes an imaginative present, even to someone like me who has no particular interest in postcard collecting. I can thoroughly recommend it.” for the UK Kindle edition. FREE on 8th-9th March. for the USA Kindle edition. FREE on 8th-9th March. for the UK paperback edition. £11.85 for the USA paperback edition. $24.12

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11 of my 12 Kindle editions are only £0.99 or equivalent currencies on Amazon and are always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The Kindle version of The Hostile Series Box Set is only £2.30 for all 4 books in The Hostile series. Random Bullets, Potholes and Magic Carpets, Her demonic Angel, The Hostile, Holiday for The Hostile, The Hostile Game, Confronting The Hostile, and A Slice of the Seventies are also available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes as audiobooks.You can find all editions of my books on Amazon

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Four of my current Goodreads Giveaways

Here are four of my latest Goodreads Giveaways. For the past couple of years, I’ve been offering a few of my paperbacks each month as Goodreads Giveaways. All readers need to do is enter the Giveaway to have a chance of winning a copy. I’ve written twelve books, so there’s always something different for you to select. I used to limit the entry solely to readers in Great Britain, but recently I’ve been offering Americans, Canadians, and Australians a chance to win one of my paperbacks, as well as Brits.

I only added my Living with Postcards paperback Giveaway today, so it’s showing on here as non-verified, but Goodreads will verify it in a day or two. This book, in particular, looks so much better in paperback than as a Kindle edition because it’s packed with full-colour illustrations of many of my postcards from my large collection. I’ve been collecting mostly fantasy, comic and novelty postcards since the 1970s and own over 2,000 of these beautiful, quirky, historical items. Living with Postcards is my only non-fiction book. My other eleven books are fiction. They are a mix of crime thrillers, paranormal, short stories, novels, and memoirs.

I’m currently enjoying writing books 13 and 14 simultaneously. One is another crime thriller, whose title I’m keeping under wraps. The other is book 5 of The Hostile series of paranormal crime thrillers.


If you enter any of my Goodreads Giveaways, Good luck! I hope you win.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Living with Postcards by Joy Mutter

Living with Postcards

by Joy Mutter

Released July 08 2016
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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Random Bullets by Joy Mutter

Random Bullets

by Joy Mutter

Released July 05 2016

Giveaway ends in about 1 month (November 15, 2017)

1 copy available, 363 people requesting

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Hostile Series Box Set by Joy Mutter

The Hostile Series Box Set

by Joy Mutter

Released August 17 2017

Giveaway ends in 26 days (October 31, 2017)

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Goodreads Book Giveaway

Confronting The Hostile by Joy Mutter

Confronting The Hostile

by Joy Mutter

Released August 09 2017

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Looks like I’ll soon have to redesign my book promo postcard


Kindle editions of my nine, soon to be ten, books on Amazon are now only £0.99 each, or equivalent currencies. They’re always free to Kindle Unlimited subscribers. The paperback versions of my books won’t break the bank either. If you enjoy audiobooks, two of my books, The Hostile and Her demonic Angel, are available on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes as audiobooks.

Book cover idea for The Host word jpgMy tenth book, The Hostile Game, should be published on Amazon in Kindle and paperback by the end of April. It’s the third book in The Hostile paranormal thriller series. I’m currently writing book four in the same series. If anyone would like to join my Facebook Hostile series launch team, where you can download MOBI or PDF files of all books in The Hostile series for free, I’d love to have you on board

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Link to my author website Here you can find my blog, reviews of all my books, my reviews of books by other authors, my Goodreads Giveaways, plus excerpts from each book.

Better than expected

My meet-the-author event at Oldham Coliseum on 24th January went even better than I’d hoped. There were about fifteen Full Circle members in the audience, which was a perfect number, as I wanted my talk to be informal. I was less nervous than I’d expected to be, probably because I’m passionate about writing and talk about books every chance I get. Selling a few of my signed books was a bonus.

Most of the photographs were taken by Jenny, one of the organisers, shortly after my hour-long talk. I gave my talk next to the small table but sat with the audience for the group photos. I notice I’m wearing the same outfit I wore for another meet-the-author event at Oldham Library in November. I really must wear something different if I’m ever asked to give another talk about my books. People will think I only own one set of clothes, which is far from the truth.



Thanks to Rose Sergent at Oldham Coliseum for organising today’s event. I really enjoyed myself and would happily have talked for two hours, not just the one hour I’d been allocated. It’s now back to writing book ten for me, the third book in The Hostile series.The Hostile series.

Tomorrow’s meet-the-author event

Looking forward to speaking for an hour or so at my meet-the-author event at Oldham Coliseum tomorrow. I hope my voice holds out for that long, as I don’t use it very often. I’ve thoroughly prepared my speech and am not too nervous … yet. I’ll be the only author talking at tomorrow’s event, as far as I’m aware.

My talk will be about my nine books and life as a full-time indie author, although I’ll be concentrating on my non-fiction book, Living with Postcards, as the organiser requested. I’m bringing about 50 of my 2,000 postcards along to illustrate the talk. I could have put together a powerpoint presentation, but I reckon holding the actual postcards will be more satisfying for the audience, and feel less formal. I’ll be handing out my own book promotion postcards too, whether the audience wants them or not, ha! They can turn them into paper airplanes and launch them at me if they get bored.

This’ll be the second meet-the-author event I’ve spoken at in the past six months. Maybe that’s why I’m not too nervous, although my first talk was only 15 minutes long, and there were four other authors speaking then. Wish me luck.

Merry Christmas from me and my books

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all from me and my books.

The Kindle edition of my non-fiction book, Living with Postcards is FREE on Amazon today, 22nd until 26th December. My Christmas gift from me to you all. Merry Christmas. All of my Kindles are only £0.99 or equivalent currencies until 31st January. All nine are available in paperback. The Hostile and Her demonic Angel are also on Audible, Amazon and iTunes as audiobooks.

Limbering up


I’m doing my usual limbering up exercises for tomorrow’s one day free Kindle promotion on Amazon of Living with Postcards. It is my only non-fiction book and a true labour of love. With eight books all published within a year of each other, I have many free Kindle promotions to organise. I’m entitled to five every three months for each book. I made this dinky little banner to celebrate. Now to make banners for all of my other books. I loved the surprise banner author Colin Garrow kindly made for my paranormal thriller The Hostile, and the also the eye-catching ones he produces for all of his books, so I thought I’d also make some. Right, back to the star jumps and push-ups. Here is the link to the Kindle of Living with Postcards on Amazon, ready for tomorrow when you will naturally be downloading the free Kindle, unless you already have the Kindle or paperback version